Welcome to Wan Lab

Bioinformatics and Computational Systems Biology

Self-motivated students are always welcome to join us, regardless of their backgrounds. We might have postdoctoral training opportunities for recently graduated PhD students or potential staff positions for junior/experienced bioinformaticians. Please email your complete CV to Dr. Jun Wan (junwan@iu.edu) for the inquiry.

Current research interests in Dr. Jun Wan's lab cover broad topics of bioinformatics and computational systems biology, particularly focused on (1) deciphering genetic and epigenetic codes, (2) exploring master regulators for gene programming, (3) understanding dynamics of gene regulatory networks, (4) investigating interactions between small molecules and proteins/DNA/RNA, and (5) using machine learning to predict gene regulation and model binding activities of small molecules. The lab conducts studies in gene regulatory mechanisms from multiple dimensions, including transcription factor regulation, DNA methylation, alternative splicing, microRNA regulation, whole-genome nucleosome organization, histone modifications, and chromatin organizations. We also work on public domain data to integrate a wide variety of ‘-omics’ data sets to achieve comprehensive patterns of gene regulatory networks.

Coronavirus Sequence Analysis

As a global emergency, COVID-19 outbreak has resulted about 577 million confirmed cases including about 6.4 million deaths all over the world as of Aug 1st, 2022 (from JHU Coronavirus Resource Center). GISAID has collected 12,286,163 hCoV-19 viral genome sequences. In order to uncover the viral mutations, we establish this web-tool, GESS, based on the analysis of single nucleotide variants (SNVs) from high-coverage and high-quality hCoV-19 viral genomes downloaded from GISAID.

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